SPEECH – We do for FUN what others FEAR MOST!
Speech is a much-misunderstood activity. When recruiting for our team we are often met with…“Oh, no thanks…I don’t need to join Speech, I already know how to say all my letters and sounds!” We all feel that if people really KNEWwhat Speech was all about, we would have a very large number of students interested…so many that we could fill every category!
What is Speech?
Speech is something different for every person involved. There are public address categories for students who are concerned with informing the public, persuading for a cause, or speaking their mind in a rousing round of Discussion. There are also interpretive categories, for the thespians in the school. These categories are basically 6 to 8 minute mini-plays: both comedy and tragedy.
What’s Going On Now?
Our season has been AMAZING so far – we have so much popping potential and so many shining stars competing for us! With a loud Royal-Roar “Royalton” is becoming a commonly heard name at the Speech Tournaments! Unfortunately, we are in that dreaded “in-between ground” right now, as far as team size. If we were just a bit bigger, had a few morecompetitors, we could compete with the other, really big, Speech Dawgs!
Royalton is hosting the East 5A Sub-Section Tournament this year, on April 2nd, 2011. We are all in Roaring preparation, and hope to have a successful meet. This will be Coach Cimenski’s 1st hosted Meet – so this will be a learning situation!
We look forward to the upcoming competitions with excitement and nerves of steel!
Remember – We do for FUN what others FEAR MOST!